Welcome to our circuit!

NAF Trafikksenter/Vålerbanen is a purpose built driving educational venue offering the driver a real life experience of speed on different roads and conditions. Both on and off road.

The center is Scandinavias` most complete venue for educational driving, focusing on:

  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Environment

Facts about the circuit and surrounding venue:

  • 3,5 kilometres of tarmac track, thereof 2, 3 km main circuit for racing.
  • 3 slippery tracks: one hill, one bend and one long straight with special dimensioned for heavy vehicles. The slippery track is open both summer and winter.
  • Practicing area with roundabouts, intersections, traffic lights and other driver dedicated
  • NAF Trafikksenter/Vålerbanen owns a large range of vehicles and all the equipment on the track. Amongst the vehicles are:
  • Toyota GT86 for driving on the racetrack (group rentals).
  • Go-kart track with rentals.
  • Off road/terrain track with SUV rentals (group rentals).
  • Snowmobiles(group rentals)
  • Restaurant with 50 seats and party tent with 200 seats.
  • Private VIP-lounge with multimedia equipment in the tower above the pit boxes.
  • We also offer a on-site hotel, with an exhibition-hall and a restaurant serving homemade specialties.Contact us today to book your next Norwegian adventure!
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