About Vålerbanen

Vålerbanen is located in Braskereidfoss (Solør), approximately 2 hours north from Oslo. The race track is part of the driving training facility of NAF Trafikksenter and both share the facilities. While NAF Trafikksenter further educates professional drivers and traffic schools, Vålerbanen acts as a venue for speed and excitement. We currently count on nearly 20 permanent employees, but with all of our instructors etc. we pass 100 payroll tasks over the year.

We are happy to organize your next event or conference!

The Vålerbanen facility

The venue

At Vålerbanen, you have the opportunity to test the natural forces and your own knowledge under safe conditions. This is a perfect combination of fun and learning for all age groups, while our professional instructors guide you. 

Track facilities at Vålerbanen:

  • 3.5 km race track – racing standard and the ability to drive in realistic driving speed.
  • Off-road track – 2 km long terrain track for four-wheeled vehicles which is suitable for all levels of difficulty.
  • Go-Kart track – 800 meter outdoor track, international standard.
  • Skidpans – three slippery tracks with realistic driving challenges in turns, downhill and straight lines.
Vålerbanen race track

All tracks are in operation throughout the year.


Vålerbanen has several high modern course, conference and event facilities, that can be adapted to the communication needs of our clients.

Administration building:

Inside the building you find course rooms with space for up to 80 people. All audiovisual equipment, a PC, a big screen, etc.


Vålerbanen Hotel/Cafeteria:

Our Hotel has 22 rooms and 34 beds.
The new Cafeteria is inside the hotel and has space for 60 people. Here we offer a varied and rich menu.

Vålerbanen Hotel

Exhibition Hall:

The 400m² large exhibition hall, can be rented for launches, courses, lectures etc. It is attached to Vålerbanen Hotel and Cafeteria.

Exhibition Hall at Vålerbanen

VIP building/Depot:

  • Course rooms with space for 20 people. All audiovisual equipment, a PC, a big screen, etc.
  • VIP-room with space for 20 people placed at the start/ finish, and all the rights for serving. Outside space for 150 people with a view over the start/ finish.
  • Available depot garages in connection with the entry and exit to the Pit Lane
  • ”Partytent”:
    288 square meter with flexible use as a showroom, dining for groups up to 400 people, etc.



At Vålerbanen, you can find a 800 meter long outdoor track for go-karts. Here you can challenge your friends with our rental go-karts or use the track for the training with your licensed go-kart.

We arrange drop-in days throughout the year. On these days you can come (“drop-in”) at Vålerbanen and drive with our Sodi RT8 rental go-karts.

You can also rent our go-karts in connection with events. For more information about that, please check our event side: Events

Prices and information: 

  • Go-kart drop-in

Price for drop-in: Kr 160,- per person & per heat*

The age limit for adult go-karts is 15 years.

The age limit for children go-karts is 8 years.

Opening hours: 5pm – 8pm

You can find the dates for the drop-in days in the timetable below.


  • Go-kart training:

We are also running go-kart trainings on selected mondays in the summer.

Opening hours: 4pm – 8pm

You can find the dates for the trainings in the timetable below.


Opening dates on Vålerbanen Gokart:


*Terms and conditions apply

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